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Schedule for Year Thirty of The Realm - (2016/2017)

Combat training - Sundays 2-4pm (weather permitting)
Bruntsfield Links - outdoors so wear plenty of layers.
Bring leather/padded gloves if you have them.
contact AJ for details - cost £5 per term to cover equipment. First session is free.

Music (and dance) - Sundays 5-6pm
No previous experience necessary. Anyone keen to sing, dance or play an instrument welcome.
contact Robin for details

Talks and Workshops held on Wednesdays 7-9pm :
contact Hazel for details

20th Sept - Arrow Fletching Workshop - James L
25th Jan - Meet the Populace (costume and character) - All
4th Oct - Food an Drink Through the Ages - Hazel
11th Oct - Arthurian Romance and Chivalry Through the Ages - Maud
18th Oct - Mythical Beasts - Nicky
25th Oct - Ghosts, Witches and Halloween - Jack
1st Nov - Bookbinding and the Manuscript Industry - Jack/Josh
8th Nov - Hat Making Workshop - Nicky/Hazel
15th Nov - Feast Ettiquette - AJ
22nd Nov- Herbal Remedies - Nicky
29th Nov - Medieval Gaelic Society - Josh
6th Dec - Calligraphy talk and workshop - Nicky
13th Dec - History of Games - Rowan

We could run weekly sessions if there is enough interest.
contact Nicky for details

Sewing Group
Approximately fortnightly, depending on levels of interest.
contact Hazel for details

Corsetry Making
If you're interested in making late medieval corsetry for gowns (pictures here and here ) contact Nicky
It's the sort of job that works best in small groups (2-6).
Previous experience at sewing is not necessary.
Cost of canvas and boning for corset body will be £5. You'll need to buy lining and outer material separately.

Freshers Picnic - Sat 17th September
Meet at The Pleasance Courtyard to walk over to St Margaret's Chapel

Champions' Tourney - tbc
Competition open to anyone authorised to spar in combat. The winner will be decided by popular vote of the audience.

Medieval Feasts - Sat 18th November and Sat 10th February
Eight courses of food, plus entertainments.
Costumes and eating gear can be borrowed for the event. Bring your own drink. No weapons to be brought to the hall without authorisation from the Master at Arms.
The Guild of Musiciansare performing too, and would be happy to have new recruits.
Other entertainments also welcome, so long as they're relatively short and relatively medieval.

Medieval Picnic at Dirleton Castle - May (tbc)

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