Lothene Combat School

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To enquire about membership email Alastair
Membership costs £15 per year, payable as £5 each academic term.
Members can choose to get involved in combat, crafts, or both as they prefer.

Combat training sessions are held weekly and you will practice genuine historical European martial arts
with a Master at Arms who has over 20 years experience in teaching them.

Arts and crafts practiced by the group include wood working, leather working, costuming, calligraphy
and illumination, cookery, embroidery, brewing, music and dance.


Weapon types studied include
broadsword, longsword and pole arms.

combat drills

Regular drills help improve technique and stance.
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wooden practice swords

wooden practice swords

Wooden practice swords :
These are available for newer members to use at combat practice
as they are both safer and cheaper than steel weapons.

Costumes :
More information can be found here

Medieval cookery uses a wide variety of ingredient and the dishes
are presented in decorative ways for formal meals.
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